Life Work Balance: Dissecting Your Life

Is your life a tug of war between life and work?

Do you find yourself spending more time accomplishing monumental tasks at work and less time with your family, friends or on your health and fitness?

Then maybe you have a case of life and work imbalance.

Life and work imbalance may not sound that alarming to some, but it can lead to a lot of complications if it is not properly addressed. Aside from the obvious burnout issues that you could end up experiencing (e.g. lack of energy, not sleeping or eating well), you could also find yourself entangled with problems in other areas of your life. For example, not spending adequate time with family could lead to relationship challenges.


Life and Work Balance in Focus

When working women are asked what their biggest challenge is, one of the most immediate answers is keeping a balance between life and work. Many working women find it difficult to maintain a balance between life and work, especially those who classify themselves as go-getters or high-achievers. These women often think that they need to spend more time at work in order for them to accomplish the goals they have in mind.

Having work goals and priorities isn’t a bad thing. However, if these work goals and priorities start impacting on your life and you end up sacrificing personal and social time just to get their work done, this can have an impact on your wellbeing.


3 Ideas to Start Focusing on Your Life Work Balance

Are you part of this group of women who are feeling dissatisfied with your life, due to an imbalance between life and work? Then maybe it’s time that you start taking your wellbeing seriously and start looking after yourself.

Some tips that could help you to start focusing on your life work balance include:

  • Deciding what is important for you. It is important to understand which things need to come first in your life. If you decide that your work should occupy the top spot, then make it your top priority, however, make sure that you also allot time for your family, friends and other aspects of your life too.
  • Be responsible and keep your appointments on time. Once you have organized your priority list, make the time to complete the tasks and activities that are on there. Each week take some time to reflect, organise and prioritise your to-do list for the following week and maybe even refrain from adding tasks to your to-do list (unless they are really important). You may also want to learn to keep track of your time (to see where your time is really going) and maybe even try to batch similar tasks together, to save time (as we can lose time and energy changing from one task to another).
  • Discipline Yourself. Many women find it difficult to keep to their original schedules as they are caring and like helping people. However, one of the keys here is discipline. It is important to learn to discipline yourself in keeping your appointments and completing them in the allotted time as indicated above. Remember also that a balanced life means keeping your goals in mind and also making time to spend with your family, friends and yourself.


The biggest key in experiencing life work balance is you. To start off with, life and work balance may not be an easy feat to accomplish; however, once you are committed and start taking steps towards it, you are certain to reap its benefits. It’s really is a matter of how you decide to use your time. So decide wisely.


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