Starting to Untangle from Overcommitment

Throughout our lives we’ve all built up many habits. Some of these habits are healthy and support you to feel good and lead you to wellbeing. And some habits are unhealthy, drain your energy and leave you feeling tired and run down.

Over the next 7 days I am going to be exploring some of the draining habits and some ways you can start to untangle from them. The habits I’m referring to are the ones that keep us overwhelmed, fatigued, anxious, stressed out and not enjoying life to the fullest.

Each day there will also be a challenge. Something simple but effective.

So let’s get started…


Draining Habit #1: Overcommitment

Have you ever heard yourself saying,  “Sure I can do that” or “No worries, I can do that as well.” Then later on as you look at your diary, you realise that trying to fit that extra thing in to your schedule leaves you feeling anxious and stressed out?

Over-committment is a habit that many of us are challenged with. It can effect your health, work, stress levels, relationships as well as your sanity.

There are many ways to transform overcommitment, however I am going to share one, and that is…

Saying no.

Yes, I know it can be challenging saying no. Many of us many of us struggle with it (me included). We think people are going to respond badly, think unfavourably or maybe not even like us. We could even think people won’t be able to cope without us or maybe we have to prove our own self-worth by how committed we are.

We make judgements about what saying no means. Something other than we’re already committed enough.

Next time you find yourself in a similar situation, maybe the following “no” script can help you and increase your energy –

“That sounds great. I would love to be involved, however at the moment, my calendar is full. When I commit to something, I like to give it all I have, so I have to be mindful about what I say yes to. I have some free time in January, so maybe we could explore something then?”

Challenge: Starting to Untangle from Overcommitment –

As you are experiencing your life today, choose to say “no” to one thing you would normally say “yes” to. Start with something small, nothing too extreme or something you will regret later on.


Feel free to share your results below in the comments section.


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