Starting to Untangle from Pushing Through

Welcome to Day 6 of the Untangling Draining Habits challenge.

Over 7 days, we are bringing awareness to different habits that cause undue stress or anxiety in our lives. At the end of the each post, we share with you one simple step you can take to start to untangle from the draining habit.

So far we have brought awareness to OvercommitmentBlameContinual Sense of Lack, Emotional Eating and Self-Doubt.

Today we are going to focus on the habit of pushing through.

Draining Habit #6: Pushing Through

Pushing through can happen in your professional life as well as your private life. It is that feeling that you have to keeping going. You have to attend the social events, complete the reports and everything else on your to do list, even though your body is asking you to rest.

You ignore the signals. The guilt is too much to deal with. Thoughts like “What they think of me if I don’t go?” and “no-one can complete the report as good as me” go through your mind.

And so you push through. You remind yourself that you will rest later when you have more time. When there are fewer demands on you and your time.

However, as the days, weeks and months go by, you start to realise the demands don’t stop. You realise people are continually wanting something from you.

Bit by bit, you start to realise that you are the one who needs to create clear boundaries in your life and know what is best for you in any given moment.

You start to realise, you need to rest.

Challenge: Starting to Untangle from Pushing Through –

At some stage during your day, take some time out to stop.

Yes, instead of pushing through, stop and take a conscious breath. Pay attention to the in-breath and out-breath. Truly listen in to what your body is telling you. Check-in with how you are feeling.

Then, when you are ready proceed and reconnect with your surroundings and with your activity in the moment.


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