Starting to Untangle from Approval Addiction

Welcome to Day 2 of the 2nd Starting to Untangle from Draining Habits 7-day Challenge.

Over 7 days, we are bringing awareness to different habits that cause undue stress or anxiety in our lives. At the end of each post, we share with you one simple step you can take to start to untangle the draining habit.

So far we have brought awareness to control.

Today we are going to focus on the habit of approval addiction.

So let’s get started…

Draining Habit #2: Approval Addiction

Approval addiction is something I am quite familiar with. Not sure what it is?

In her book, Approval Addiction: Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone, Joyce Meyer indicates –

“an addiction is something that controls people – it is something they feel they cannot live without, or something they feel driven to do in order to relieve pressure, pain, or discomfort of some kind. Someone addicted to drugs, for instance, will do whatever he needs to in order to get another “fix” when he begins to feel uncomfortable. Likewise, someone addicted to alcohol will feel compelled to have a drink when life’s problems begin to rise up and stare him in the face. The substance that people are addicted to helps relieve their pain momentarily, but then a damaging, controlling cycle starts in their life. Approval addiction is much the same, but instead of running to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or eating to heal the hurt, those who suffer from it seek people’s approval. When they feel unsure and shaky about themselves, they look for a “fix” – they seek out someone to comfort them and reassure them everything is all right and they are acceptable.”

In a few words – “approval addiction” is when a person feels unsure about themselves and then seeks a “fix” or “hide” through approval from another person. Can you relate?


Challenge: Starting to Untangle from Approval Addiction –

At some stage today, sit down and identify what you really want. Yes – what do you really and truly want? 🙂

After you have written what you truly want down, identify if you are allowing yourself to follow your dreams. If not, is it because you are looking for approval outside of you? Trust me I get it. Yes, it is scary to start to breakup with approval addiction. However, what is more scary living a life of regret or giving yourself permission to follow your heart?

Remember “The most splendid achievement of all is the constant striving to surpass yourself and to be worthy of your own approval” ~ Denis Waitley.


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