The First 20 hours – How to Learn Anything by Josh Kaufman

Yes I love learning, what about you? Maybe that is why I ended up going to University and becoming a teacher. Whether it is a student or a client, I just love the look on someone’s face when they learn a skill. Not sure that feeling will ever get old. However, skill acquisition (i.e. learning a new skill) takes time, however it may not be the amount of time you think.

Back in 2008, Malcolm Gladwell quoted some research that was based on Dr K. Anders Ericsson research of expert performers. The research indicated that it took about 10,000 hours or a minimum of 10 years to achieve expert-level performance. However, most people are not truly interested in that type of performance unless they are looking at being a professional athlete or professional pianist etc.


The First 20 hours – How to Learn Anything by Josh Kaufman

A little while back, I came across the work of Josh Kaufman in relation to skill acquisition. In his Ted Talk, the first 20 hours – how to learning anything, Josh elaborates on his thoughts around the first 20 hours.


Over to You…

What did you learn from watching the first 20 hours Ted Talk? Did it inspire you to go and learn a new skill? For me, I will continue unlearning, learning and relearning, albeit deliberately! Feel free to share your questions or comments below.


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