The Impermanence of Permanence…

The impermanence of permanence – what does that mean?

Have you ever noticed how people can say “I’ll be happy when….”, “If only I …..” or “I wish …. then I can be happy.”

Then interestingly enough, when they get that ….. (insert material object, achievement or something else here) they are no longer happy?

One of the things I have come to realise over the years is that nothing is permanent, except “everything comes and everything goes.”

Yes change – even as you are reading this post, your body is changing, however we often pay little attention to that.

So I wonder why we are so interested in trying to grasp / hold on to things or have aversion / push things away? Is is because –

  • some things make us feel safe?
  • we don’t want to deal with certain situations?
  • not sure about what is really going on?
  • don’t trust ourselves?
  • we don’t like the past and try and find solace in the future?
  • haven’t really noticed?
  • we don’t have control over things? or
  • uncertain about how things will turn out?

After becoming more aware of my well-being and living in the moment, I am seeing life as an ever-changing flowing movement.

Although it was very challenging at the start, I can see meditation and living in the moment has been a gift given to me and I am becoming more and more comfortable with the impermanence of life, learning to accept life as it is and continue to trust myself, whilst living in the moment with my imperfections.


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