About Jane

Hi - I am Jane Taylor - Owner/Director of Habits for Wellbeing.

My mission is to support women to re-align with their own power and move from where they are now to where they want to be through coaching and education so they can connect with their true selves and make their contribution to the world -

"Discover Your Courage to Be Your Own Authority... 

One Habit at a Time."


I am the creator of Wholehearted Academy - an online community for women who are ready to find the time and courage, release what is no longer serving them, so they can discover the truth, freedom, love and joy within their life. Rumi puts it like this - "What you seek is also seeing you." and the Tao the Ching - “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.” 

For a long time, I had no idea of what I really wanted from life and my early career choices playing tennis were more about pleasing other people (and looking for happiness on the outside) and being who I thought I was. It wasn't until my early thirties, that I really started to question life, look after myself discover who I was on the inside and align to my version of freedom, happiness and love.

Jane's Background

How did I end up here?

I started my life in the Hunter Valley of NSW (Australia) and many of my earliest memories relate to tennis. I was given a tennis racquet for my fifth birthday and picked up tennis quite easily. One thing led to another and all of a sudden I was playing tournaments and doing quite well.

At 15, I won the National 16 & Under Singles Title and a few weeks later the National 18 & Under Singles Title. I was selected to go to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra (Australia) and then travelled the world playing tennis for 10 years.

On the outside, it appeared I was doing well, however personally I had a lot of health issues whilst playing tennis - including viral meningitis and a herniated disc in my L4/L5 lumbar region. I struggled to cope with everything that came with being a tennis player (like fame and travelling the world) not to mention leading a harmonious life as I often felt something was missing. However, I did learn a lot about life and the diverse world we live in.

In 1994, I reached the 3rd Round of the Australia Open Singles Event (and was featured on A Current Affair), which was the pinnacle of my tennis career. After winning 10 International Tennis Federation Singles Events, a shoulder injury finally ended my tennis career at the 1997 US Open. I struggled with this transition – not only with not knowing what to do, but also because I felt tennis was the only thing people would talk to me about and now that was gone. I also wasn’t great at expressing emotions or being totally truthful and honest with myself with what I wanted (for a variety of reasons) and I totally wanted out of life.

I ended up going to university and graduating as a Health and Physical Education Teacher (with Hons). At the completion of university I moved to the Gold Coast (Australia). Besides the amazing weather and being by the beach, the main reason I moved away was because I wanted to reinvent myself and not be known as the tennis player anymore.

I went on to complete my Masters of Education Studies and taught as a health and physical education teacher for nearly three years, which I really enjoyed. I volunteered for a telephone counselling service and then went on to work in a national mental health and well-being initiative called MindMatters for 7 1/4 years. During that time, I delivered over 450 events to approximately 11200 people on leadership, mental health and wellbeing, including working with a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia.

In August 2008, I found myself in silent mediation retreat. This retreat changed my life. I woke up and realised that everything I was searching for on the outside of myself was actually inside! Since that experience - I have been more committed to taking better care of myself and removing the masks I had worn and accumulated over the years, and become a more authentic, present, loving and honest person not only for other people, but also for myself!

As I continue to embody my experiences in life, I have done a lot of reflecting/inquiring and to be honest, I would not change ANY of them. Not the injuries, the abuse, the self-hatred, loneliness, anger, the focus on striving and achievement, the thoughts and beliefs of “I’m not good enough”, "I'm not worthy of love, connection or belonging", the perfectionism or that other people’s opinion of me are more important than my own.

I wouldn't change any of them - not because I want to go through them again, but because those experiences have helped me learn the lessons I needed to learn and they have given me the confidence and insight to share my message. Every single one of those experiences has helped me to realise we are so much more than our physical identity or who we think we are.

As I have found the courage to be my true self, I feel aligned to be able to support other women to “Discover Your Courage to Be Your Own Authority... One Habit at a Time”, which is what Habits for Wellbeing is all about.

Jane's Formal Qualifications and Memberships

Masters of Educational Studies at Griffith University with Academic Excellence (GPA 6.5), 5 Masters of Guidance and Counselling subjects at the University of QLD, Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Health and Physical Education at the University of Newcastle with Honours, Diploma of Life Coaching, Certificate IV in Life Coaching & Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) with the LCA, Certificate IV in Small Business (with the LCA), Certificate IV in Assessor and Workplace Training, Certificate IV in Management and Team Leadership. An Accredited Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

Daily Inspiration...

Client Feedback

"Great! Thanks. I feel positive to continue on my life journey knowing what I can work on to continue to have success in life." - School Principal

"Can see myself using all of these skills. Great leadership and facilitating a comfortable/safe space Jane." - Teacher, Brisbane

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