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Hi, I'm Jane Taylor, the founder and director of Habits for Wellbeing. Some little bits about me - I am a HSP, CS on Extended DISC and skilled in each area on the Emotional Intelligence assessments.

I was recently asked to define the ‘Jane Taylor purpose' in just a few words which really got me thinking. Everything I do through Habits for Wellbeing points to helping athletes and professionals engage with their own inner resources - courage (and body), freedom and deepest truth. To move from where they are now to where they want to be through coaching and education, so they can trust themselves and be free to make their contribution to the world.

"(Un)Learning to Reconnect and Realign with Your Potential, so You Can Communicate Your Purpose and BE Whole-Heartedly YOU... One Habit at a Time."

I’m the creator of My Self-Care Journal, My Self-Trust Journal, My Progress Journal and My Gratitude Journal. I run a weekly circle, which focuses on different aspects of well-being as well as run a few events, retreats and courses. You can find them here.

Rumi, one of the greatest philosophers of all time teaches, "What you seek is also seeking you." and Lao Tzu stated, "Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realise that you have enough, you are truly rich."

Jane Taylor's Background

For a long time, I had no idea who Jane Taylor was or what she really wanted from life. My early career choices were more about avoiding situations, pleasing others and looking for happiness on the outside and being who I thought I should be according to the world I lived in.

It wasn't until my early thirties after I had graduated university as a Health and PE Teacher, that I really started to look deeper within myself and question life, look after myself and re-align with my version of freedom, happiness, and love. And now, the ‘Jane Taylor purpose' is to support  others do the same.

Jane Taylor's Methodology

Now you know who I am and where I come from, it's time to share you how I can support you.

The first thing to remind yourself is that whatever you feel today, you have got this. You are never given more than you can handle (yes I know that might seem crazy, but I now know it is true).

I've faced challenges, I've been overwhelmed, and I've lost direction. I've had goals, dreams, and aspirations. I've been both inspired and uninspired.

Through everything, when I look back I realise what I needed was someone to support me, help me to understand myself, support me to enjoy life again, look after myself and trust that I was the expert in my own life. And that's what I am for you.

Through one-on-one sessions either face-to-face or online, I use somatic education, cognitive behavioural, positive psychology techniques alongside resilience and educational research to help you make the connection between your thoughts and emotions, and your actions.

There's nothing I can give you that isn't already within you, but by supporting you and giving you strategies to help you uncover your true self, you'll learn how to live the rest of your life empowered and connected with everything you have the capability and desire to be.

We're all in this life together and discovering genuine, authentic, connection with each other and, most importantly, with ourselves, is what will help us all shine.

Reach your full potential, click to find out how you can work with me and engage with your own wisdom today. Read my story below.

The Jane Taylor Story (so far...)

If you would like to see more about my story (so far) click here. It is on my personal website.

Jane Taylor's Formal Qualifications & Certificates

Masters of Educational Studies at Griffith University with Academic Excellence (GPA 6.5), 5 Masters of Guidance and Counselling subjects at the University of QLD, Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Health and Physical Education at the University of Newcastle with Honours, Diploma of Life Coaching, Certificate IV in Life Coaching & Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) with the LCA, Certificate IV in Small Business, Certificate IV in Assessor and Workplace Training (TAE40116), Certificate IV in Management and Team Leadership. Nia White, Green, Blue and Brown Belt, FreeDance and MOVEit, Advanced Certificate of Nutrition and Health Coaching, EQ Assessor Certification (Six Seconds), Intuitive Eating Professional Certification, Trained Teacher in Mindful Self-Compassion, a Highly-Sensitive Person (HSP) Knowledgeable Professional and an Accredited Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Daily Inspiration...

Client Feedback

"Great! Thanks. I feel positive to continue on my life journey knowing what I can work on to continue to have success in life." - School Principal

"Can see myself using all of these skills. Great leadership and facilitating a comfortable/safe space Jane." - Teacher, Brisbane

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