Allowing and Accepting Life – As Is!

It is just amazing how life is unravelling at the moment. I am accepting and allowing life to be as it is. I am turning within and facing what arises in the moment and not trying to change it. I am seeing life as it is, sometimes as if for the first time, however sometimes still through my thoughts, beliefs, memories etc.

This is scary (actually petrifying sometimes to be honest and there have been many tears), however somehow life continues to unfold and I am seeing more clearly and just being with it. I continue to be very honest not only to myself, but also to the people around me. Yes the vulnerability is there, however I know I have to accept and allow whatever is there, face it and feel deeply instead of avoiding life or wanting it to be different than it is or trying to fix it.

Allowing and Accepting Life – As Is!

In mindfulness meditation, we cultivate acceptance by allowing and experiencing each moment to be as it is. Not trying to change it is any way – through our thoughts or feelings – just being open and receptive to how we are experiencing this moment right now.

I came across the following poem as it links in with this journey at the moment. In-joy xx

Allow by Danna Faulds

There is no controlling life.
 Try corralling a lightning bolt,
 containing a tornado. Dam a
 stream and it will create a new
 channel. Resist, and the tide
 will sweep you off your feet.
 Allow, and grace will carry
 you to higher ground. The only
 safety lies in letting it all in –
the wild and the weak; fear, 
fantasies, failures and success.
 When loss rips off the doors of 
the heart, or sadness veils your
 vision with despair, practice 
becomes simply bearing the truth.
 In the choice to let go of your
 known way of being, the whole
 world is revealed to your new eyes.





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