Patience – It Does Not Happen Overnight…

Do we live in an instantaneous society? Would we like all of the rewards yesterday? I wonder why that is? Is it due to technology, societal expectations, the media or (___________)?

I came across this story about the Chinese Bamboo Tree and I could definitely relate to it as patience was not one of my strong points in the past! What about you?

Have you ever heard of the Chinese Bamboo Tree?

It is a pretty remarkable tree. 

You take the Chinese Bamboo Tree seed and you plant it. You water it and fertilize it… A year goes by and you see nothing.

The second year comes and you water it and fertilize it again. Another year passes by and…nothing.

The third year comes….the fourth year comes and goes. You are watering and fertilizing and tending to that seed. But you see absolutely nothing.

Something extraordinary happens in the fifth year. Sometime during the fifth year, the Chinese Bamboo Tree sprouts. And boy does it sprout! It grows up to 80 feet in one season! However, did it really grow 80 feet in one season? No way – it actually grew in five years!  For the first four years the Chinese Bamboo tree was growing an incredibly strong root system. It was just growing under the ground where you could not see it. The strong root system it grew for four years is precisely what was needed to support its exponential growth in the fifth year and beyond.

Pretty interesting huh?

So if you have been undergoing challenges/changes and feel like nothing is changing in your life, keep going as you just might be ready for your growth spurt soon. Just like the Chinese Bamboo Tree, we need to have strong roots and this process cannot be fast forwarded!


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