The Power of a Pause

Discovering the Power of the Pause

Back in 2008, my life seemed like Groundhog Day. I was working very long hours, living on a few energy drinks a day, trying to be this perfect person and chasing this thing called success. Deep down I felt something was missing, but didn’t know what it was.

After three separate incidents (or coincidences), I ended up attending my first 10-day Silent Meditation retreat. Even though deep down I knew something had to change, I begrudgingly gave myself the permission to stop. That was the most challenging (and enlightening) experience of my life (to that date).

During that time, I realised I had been trying to escape or numb myself by not wanting to feel my feelings and vulnerabilities (for a variety of reasons). As I sat in silence and truly saw myself (and my mind), my life started to change little by little as I consciously became aware of the Power of a Pause. As time has gone on, I have realised more and more that the pause has provided me with an invitation to explore life in a different way.


What is a Pause?

The pause is just that – stopping and taking time to just pause. Just pause and be with this moment.


What are the Benefits of a Pause?

There are many benefits of the pause including –

  • recharging your energy,
  • gaining access to your inner wisdom, and
  • feeling connected, nurtured and cared for.

Examples of Pauses

Following are 10 examples of different pauses we can do in our lives –

1. The Gratitude Pause

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” ~ Eckhart Tolle.

Have you ever noticed how you feel when you stop and feel grateful for your life?

There are a number of ways you can pause to be grateful, including –

  • Creating a gratitude jar
  • Journalling the 5 things you are grateful for each day
  • Letting someone know how they have helped you in your life – you could write a letter, send them a card or make a phone call.

2. The Mindfulness or Paying Attention Pause

The mindfulness or paying attention pause can be used in so many situations, however I have found it to be quite useful if I get caught up doing lots of things as it brings me back to the space of being.


3. The Journal Pause

Taking time out to reflect is a great way to access your inner wisdom. In your journal you may choose to write or draw – it’s totally up to you. You can write down your thoughts or reflect on a specific situation that is happening at the moment.

As you start to practice the journal pause, you may like to take note of how you are feeling at the start of your journalling session and then how you feel at the end. This way, you can identify if you would like to add journalling to your habits for wellbeing!


4. The Taking-a-Breath Pause

The taking-a-breath is great for when you are feeling rushed or pressed for time. Just stop and take three conscious breaths. The taking-a-breath pause helps you get our of your head and back in to your body.


5. The Creativity Pause

One of the things I enjoy doing is creating. Yes – it could be creating anything – a card to a friend, a new workshop or colouring-in. There are so many ways to create something – it is totally up to you. A friend and I recently created the My Creativity Journal and you can see more of that here or by clicking on the image below.

6. The People-Pleasing Pause

Are you trying to break the habit of saying YES to everyone? If so, you may like this pause!

Before you say yes when someone asks you to do something, just check-in with yourself to see if you are going to say yes out of obligation or do you really want to do it? Remember, sometimes saying yes to others, means saying no to yourself!


7. The Awe Pause

Awe: “an experience of such perceptual vastness you literally have reconfigure your mental models of the world to assimilate it.”

If you are ready to experience an awe pause, why not have a look at following 2.48min clip?

8. The Sense of Beauty Pause

Sometimes in our busy lives, we forget to reconnect withe beauty around us. If you would like to take a pause to re-connect to the beauty around you? Why not have a look at the following clip.

9. The Sense of Wonder Pause

Remember as a kid you had that sense of wonder and curiosity? As though you are looking at something for the first time? We can learn to cultivate that again if we choose to…

You may have heard of Louis Schwartzberg – a time-lapse photographer. The photos in the following clip are truly amazing and cultivate that sense of wonder. The photos start around 1.08mins. This clip also links to the Gratitude Pause.

10. The “Am I Really Hungry?” Pause

As I continue to interrupt my conditioning, I still occasionally eat with out being hungry. Yes I am becoming more and more aware of this pattern, but sometimes I still get tripped up (I am human!).

The way I have been changing this habit is by stopping before eating and asking myself – am I really hungry? Then trusting the answer I receive. And this has been helping a lot!


11. The Laughing Pause

When was the last time you have a really good belly laugh with a friend, family member or colleague? The laughing pause is a great way to release any tension in your body!


Over to You…

Now you have 10 ways to bring the power of the pause in to your life. Isn’t it great to know you don’t have to sit and be in silence for 10 days!

Remember – a well intentioned pause allows us to get to know ourselves better and consciously respond to situations rather than react out of habit.

Do you have any other ideas for pauses? If so, please feel free to share them below.


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  • ren

    Reply Reply May 31, 2020

    worth reading. please allow me to repost this.

    • Jane

      Reply Reply June 1, 2020

      No worries – please share the url 🙂

  • Trish

    Reply Reply April 25, 2019

    The sense of wonder video brought tears to my eyes. Such wonderful and meaningful words spoken so so softly! Everyone needs to hear this its beautiful. Thank you

    • Jane

      Reply Reply April 25, 2019

      Thanks Trish – yes it is pretty powerful hey! Take care of yourself. Warm wishes, Jane

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