Stressful Life Style vs Low-Stress Life Style

One of the top 3 reasons women start coaching and mentoring is to make changes in their lives. Part of the reason they want to make the changes is due to the stress they are experiencing. They have recognised that the stress is mostly self-induced and would like to shift from a stressful lifestyle to a low-stress lifestyle. A lifestyle where they make conscious choices and live life on their own terms.

A life that consists of – challenge and ease, work and play, striving and taking it easy, exercise and rest, companionship and solitude, and discipline and self-indulgence. To enable and allow this to happen, individuals have to create awareness, untangle the blocks and take conscious action.

So, what are the differences between a stressful life style and a low-stress life style?


Stressful Life Style vs Low-Stress Life Style

The following table has been adapted from Karl Albrecht’s (1979) book – the Stress and the Manager and identifies the differences between a stressful life style vs low-stress life style.

Over to You –

Following are a couple of questions for reflection based on the above table.

  • Are there any other attributes you would add to the stressful life style side of the table?
  • What about the low-stress life style?
  • Where do you see yourself on the table? Do you see yourself more based on the stressful side, the low-stress side or a combination of both?


Remember, change is a constant part of life and from every experience you can practice new ways of responding instead of reacting.

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Reference –

Albrecht, K. (1979). Stress and the Manager. New York, USA: Touchstone Books.

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