The Five Freedoms by Virginia Satir

Virginia Satir was an American author and therapist, whose work was done under the umbrella of “Becoming More Fully Human.” The purpose of Satir’s System of Therapy was to understand and incorporate the process of The Five Freedoms (a new way of communicating).

This way of communicating freely starts with knowing oneself and becoming aware of others. The Five Freedoms also link to mindfulness, mindful self-compassion and nonviolent communication.


The Five Freedoms by Virginia Satir

The Five Freedoms are:

  1. The freedom to see and hear what is here, instead of what “should” be, was, or will be.
  2. The freedom to say what you feel and think, instead of what you “should” feel and think.
  3. The freedom to feel what you feel, instead of what you “ought” to feel.
  4. The freedom to ask for what you want, instead of always waiting for permission.
  5. The freedom to take risks on you own behalf, instead of choosing to be only “secure”.


Over to You…

As you read the Five Freedoms by Virginia Satir, what did you notice? Do you think they could help you be yourself and live whole-heartedly? Feel free to share any comments below.


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  • Amirah

    Reply Reply March 1, 2021

    I’ve written about this on my blog, from a multicultural lens.

    I wonder if there’s more knowledge around that in relation to the 5 Freedoms. As we know, many cultures don’t have such freedoms, the social construction denies or limits them.

    • Jane

      Reply Reply March 4, 2021

      Thanks for sharing! What did you find out about it from a Multicultural lens?

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