Trust – What is it for You?

When I first started taking notice or looking at trust, I really didn’t know what it was about. I knew it was a word I often heard, however it was not something I had investigated for myself and definitely not something I had too many personal insights around.

As I started to pay attention and see my patterns of the mind by living in the moment, I started realising that I was more trusting of others than of myself as I wasn’t seeing clearly (I was seeing life through my perceptions, experiences, memories etc and not how life was in reality). I also realised I was looking for insights or answers to life outside of me (i.e. in books, CD’s, DVD’s and people) rather than learning to trust myself and my own intuition and authority.

Learning to trust myself has definitely been one of the gifts for me by developing greater awareness. I feel far more alive, experience life more fully and am taking more and more responsibility for myself each day and for that I am eternally grateful – I am getting to know myself on a whole new level, moment by moment. Interestingly enough, the more open, compassionate and present I am with myself the more connected I feel with other people. However, trust is not something I can grasp and hold on to or a mental construct I have. It is something deeper than that – it is a part of my well-being.


Questions for Refection –

  • Trust – what is it for you? What words come to mind when you think of trust?
  • Are you trusting of yourself? How do you know you trust yourself?
  • How do you trust or show trust towards others?
  • What happens if someone breaks your trust? Can it be rebuilt?
  • When do you feel most trust? When do you feel the least trust?
  • When do you trust others? When do others trust you?
  • What have you remembered from these questions for yourself about trust?


Over to You…

Feel free to share any insights below and in-joy BEing yourself!


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