What is a Toolkit?

Have you been looking for the secret? Yes, that one thing that holds the key to your dreams? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

I was searching for the secret for many, many years – in books (what I know), achievements (what I do), people (what they think of me) and possessions (what I have). For many years, I also thought I was alone and had a very deep sense of unworthiness and not being good enough and felt separate from who I Am.

What I have learnt and am continually reminded about is there are a number of ways to live courageously and wholeheartedly. And that is why I call the Habits for Wellbeing newsletter a TOOLKIT!


What is a Toolkit?

A Toolkit is –

  • “A set of tools, especially one keep in a bag or box and used for a particular purpose.”Oxford Dictionary
  • “A set of tools designed to be used together or for a particular purpose.”Free Dictionary
  • “A set of tools in a box or bag” or “the things that you need in order to achieve something.”Oxford Learners Dictionary
  • “A set of tools.”Cambridge Dictionary
  • “A set of tools designed to be used together or for a particular purpose.”Collins Dictionary


What is the Habits for Wellbeing Toolkit?

The Habits for Wellbeing Toolkit is –

  • a place where we share our ideas, tools and inspiration for living a courageous and openhearted life,
  • exclusive content and offers I do not share anywhere else,
  • links to the latest Jane’s Journal posts (so you don’t miss anything helpful!),
  • a place where I share my favourite personal and professional tools for igniting your spark and shining your light!, and
  • links and information from other people I have learnt from and respect.

Each month I will send out emails letting you know about upcoming events, recommending a tool or resource from one of my friends or letting you know about a free webinar etc.

I only recommend products and people I love or have learned from myself, and genuinely believe will help you live wholeheartedly and be the expert in your own life.

You can join here!



  • Mags Mcglade

    Reply Reply December 14, 2022

    Thank you for your quick response Jane and your very interesting information. Looking forward to digesting and using. I will be in touch. Mags

  • Alicia Aydlett

    Reply Reply September 27, 2018


    I’d like to thank you for this information that has enlightened me on the things and I cannot change and the things I can.



    • Jane

      Reply Reply September 28, 2018

      Thanks Alicia – glad it has been helpful for you 🙂

      Warm wishes, Jane

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