An Enoughness or Scarcity Mentality – Which One Resonates with You Around Money?

Back on August 22, 2014, I wrote about an abundance or lack mentality. In the post I discussed a belief that I had around money and how it impacted my behaviour and wellbeing. Today, I am a different person from when I wrote that post. As I have been reflecting on money recently (again) as I rewrote the material in Whole-Hearted Connection, today I would say, it is more about an enoughness mentality than an abundance and scarcity instead of lack.


What’s the Difference Between an Enoughness Mentality and a Scarcity Mentality Around Money?

From my own experiences and working with clients, I’ve discovered a few differences. The following table outlines some of the main differences between an enoughness mentality and a scarcity mentality.


How Do I Currently Practise an Enoughness Mentality Around Money?

At the moment, the two main ways I am practicing an enoughness mentality around money is by using the above table and having an enoughness jar. Currently I am using this table as a reminder to STOP and check in with myself to see where I am in certain situations – as sometimes I still can be triggered and need to be reminded that there is enough for everyone as well and changing from a scarcity mentality to an enoughness mentality doesn’t happen overnight (not for me anyway).

Another habit I practice the majority of days to cultivate enoughness is expressing gratitude to people and experiences and just being in that state of gratefulness. Yes I admit this has been challenging in the past (especially to come to a place of whole-heartedness for difficult experiences), however it can happen and I hope everyone can discover flow, peace, freedom and harmony in their lives.

Questions for Reflection –

  • Which side of the table resonates with you? Does it depend on the situation?
  • Is there anything you would add to either side? If so, please share below.
  • Who and what can you be grateful for now? Have you expressed your gratitude to that person? If not, I invite you to share your gratitude and send a card to that person. You can click here to do that.
  • Need some more ideas on gratitude? Here is a post on How do I Bring Gratitude in to My Life?


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