Feeling Challenged? Let it RAIN!

Are you feeling challenged? Or overwhelmed with everything you have to do?

What if you had a practice that you could when you are feeling challenged, overwhelmed or just wanted some time to reconnect with yourself? Well, you can and one of the practices I use and teach is called “RAIN” and helps to expand self-awareness.

The RAIN Mindfulness Practice

The acronym “RAIN”, first coined about 20 years ago by Michele McDonald is an easy to remember tool for practicing mindfulness and interrupting auto-pilot. The practice has four steps and they are as follows –

  • Recognition,
  • Acceptance,
  • Investigation, and
  • Non-identification.

The “RAIN Mindfulness Practice” is as follows –

RAIN Mindfulness Practice-2


If you choose to use the RAIN Mindfulness Practice, make sure you take care of yourself and find someone who is skilled in mindfulness to support you in the process as opening to intense feelings can be difficult and painful.

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