The Power and Science of Social Connection – Emma Seppala

How many people in your life do you feel comfortable with to share a personal problem with? This question is the basis of the Power and Science of Social Connection TedX Talk by Emma Seppala.

According to 2004 (yes I know it is older, however it is relevant) research in the USA –

  • the most number of people have 2 people who they can share a personal problem with, and
  • 1 in 4 people or 25% of Americans didn’t feel they had the connection with another person whom they could share a personal problem with.


Why is this significant and what happens when people have no or low social connection?

Low or no social connection in people lives has been linked in the research to –

  • Anxiety
  • Violence
  • Depression
  • Inflammation on a cellular level.


Low or no social connection is worse for us as human beings than –

  • Obesity,
  • Smoking, and
  • High blood pressure.


High social connection or when social connection is present on the other hand links to –

  • Psychological wellbeing,
  • Better physical health,
  • Increase immunity,
  • Faster recovery from disease, and
  • Longevity.


How can we increase social connection?

From the data, it indicates that we can increase social connection through –


You can watch more of the research in the following 14.48 minute clip.

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