Using the Fullness Awareness Scale to Recognise When I’ve Reached Enough Food

When I started learning to tune back in to my body, I used many tools. One of the tools I found very useful was the fullness awareness scale.


What is the Fullness Awareness Scale?

The fullness awareness scale is a tool you can use to tune in to your body and recognise if your body is full and has had enough to eat. It looks like –


How To Use the Fullness Awareness Scale

As indicated, the fullness awareness scale is used as a tool to help decide when you have had enough to eat.  One way to use the scale is during a meal: pause and identify –

  1. “Currently, how full am I?”
  2. “What are the physical sensation/s or experiences in my stomach tell me that?”
  3. Identify where you are in relation to the scale between 0 and 10 (i.e. give yourself a rating),
  4. Pause and take notice of the different physical sensations you are experiencing for the rating you gave yourself,
  5. Decide if you are going to continue to eat or not.

You can continue to use this scale to check-in with your body signals throughout the meal to see if you are full.


How Is the Hunger Awareness Scale Different to the Fullness Awareness Scale?

As I was learning to tune back in to my body, I found that hunger and fullness were different. For me, not only  was hunger about hunger and fullness about fullness, they also had different body sensations and experiences. You can also feel hungry, eat and then your level of fullness may not change. For example – eating carrot or celery sticks can satisfy you hunger, however may not have an impact on your fullness. Subsequently, I choose to seperate the two and the clients I work with also appreciate that.


Over to You…

Are there any questions in relation to the fullness awareness scale? If so, feel free to share them below in the comments! Remember, this is just one tool for your toolkit to help with changing your relationship with food 🙂

If you would like more information on how to change your relationship with food and your body, so you can truly nourish your health and wellbeing, please comment below, look at our nutritional coaching programs or contact us 🙂

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