3 Obstacles to Connecting to Power of Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer

Have you ever felt there are obstacles holding you back from sharing your gifts and BEing who you are?

What if THAT (out there) was inside of us? What if that voice was inside our head was part of the way we sabotage ourselves (yes not other people or circumstances) from sharing our gifts with the world and being fully present?

I am not going to go in to detail about what self-sabotage is as I have written about it before (you can identify what self-sabotage is for you here. and more ways we self-sabotage here). However, just so we are on the same page the definition of self-sabotage I will use is – self-sabotage is a combination of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that deliberately stop our self from achieving something or to deliberately prevent a plan (i.e. a goal or intention) or process from being successful (e.g. our life). Self-sabotage is like an inner conflict or tug-of-war (e.g. “I want to do something, but I can’t or shouldn’t”) – obstacles that stop us from connecting to who we are.

“Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn’t happen.” – Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby


The 3 Obstacles to Connecting to Power of Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer

During the past few days, I have reconnected with the audiobook (as I have been driving) and book The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way by Dr Wayne Dyer. In the book, Dr Dyer refers to 3 obstacles that stop us from connecting to the power of intention. These 3 obstacles are –

  1. Your thoughts or inner speech,
  2. Your level of energy, and
  3. Your self-importance.


An Explanation of the 3 Obstacles that Hinder Connection to the Power of Intention

Following is a further explanation around the3 obstacles that hinder connection to the power of intention.

1. Your Thoughts or Inner Speech:

  • “As a man thinketh, so he is” – we apply this idea of becoming what we think in our positive thoughts.


Below are four ways of thinking that can prevent you from reaching for and connecting to the universal, creative Spirit of intention.

  1. Thinking about what’s missing in your life –
  • To match up with intention, you first have to catch yourself in the moment you are thinking what is missing in your life and then shift to intention. For example: what I absolutely intend to manifest and attract in my life – with no doubts, no waffling and no explaining (i.e. “I intend to attract unlimited abundance in my life”).
  • Recognise that what you think about expands.
  1. Thinking about the circumstances of your life – 
  • If you do not like the circumstances of your life, do not think about them.
  • You must train your imagination (which is the universal mind running through you) to shift from what you don’t want to what you do want.
  • Simply change your inner speech to what you intend the new circumstance of your life to be.
  • Practice thinking from the end by playing the match game and by realigning yourself with the field of intention.
  • You must assume responsibility for the circumstances of your life without any accompanying guilt.
  • Link up with intention, use your inner speech to stay focused on what you intend to create, and you’ll find yourself regaining the power of your Source.
  1. Thinking about what has always been –
  • Make a shift and catch yourself when you’re focusing on what always has been, and move your inner speech to what you intend to manifest.
  1. Thinking about what “they” want for you – 
  • If your thoughts are on what others expect of you, you’ll continue to act on and attract more of what they want and expect for you – even if you despise their expectations.
  • Removing the obstacle means that you decide to shift your inner speech to what you intend to create and attract into your life.
  • You must do this with unswerving intent, and a commitment to not giving mental energy to what others feel about how you live your life.

2. Your Level of Energy:

  • “Everything in this universe is a movement of energy”.
  • Higher/faster energy dissolves and converts lower/slower energy.
  • You are an energy system, not just a system of bones, fluids and cells, but a multitude of energy systems encapsulating an inner energy systems of thoughts, feelings and emotions. This energy system that you are can be calibrated and measured.
  • Every thought you have can be energetically calibrated, along with its impact on your body and your environment. The higher your energy, the more capable you are of nullifying and converting lower energies, which weaken you, and impacting in a positive way everyone in your immediate and even distant surroundings. Ultimately, your goal is to have a perfect match with the highest frequency of all – the Spirit world.

The five levels of energy (from slowest to fastest) are:

  1. The material world –
  • Solid form is energy slowed down as it’s commensurate with your sense perception of the world of boundaries.
  1. The sound world –
  • The sound level of energy is where you connect to the highest frequencies of Spirit through the practice of Japa meditation or the repetition of the sound of God.
  1. The light world –
  • Light moves faster that the material world and faster than sound.
  1. The thought world –
  • Your thoughts are an extremely high frequency of pulsation that moves beyond the speed of sound and even light. The frequency of thoughts can be measured and the impact they have on your body and the environment can be calculated.
  • Every thought you have can be calculated to determine if it’s strengthening or weakening your ability to reconnect to the highest and fastest energy in the universe.
  1. The Spirit world –
  • The ultimate in energy.
  • These measurable energies consist of the seven faces of intention (beauty, receptivity, love, kindness, creativity, abundance and expansion). They are the energies of creation and when you reproduce them in yourself, you reproduce the same creative quality of life that called you into existence.

3. Your Self-Importance:

  • “Self-importance is man’s greatest enemy. What weakens him is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of his fellow man. Self-importance requires that one spend most of one’s life offended by something or someone”.
  • The problem is when you identify with your identity – your achievements, your body and your possessions. Ego is simply an idea of who you are – you are not that as you are the source!


Over to You…

I hope this post has helped you discover 3 obstacles to connecting to the power of intention by Dr Wayne Dyer. If you have any questions, please write them below 🙂

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Dyer, W. (2010). The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way. NSW, Australia: Hay House.